Xoxo Baby is named after my daughter Xochitl.  Having her in my life has taught me to take my time and Love. As a single mother of two young children I have learned how important community partnerships are in order to have a thriving young family.  Xoxo Baby has been a business I wanted to start since I had my oldest son Elijah Qeb. I struggled in finding local skin and hair care products that were natural and I felt comfortable using on his young skin.  I started this company with the support and wisdom of loving, compassionate, strong women in my community. I wanted to create a space for families to discuss and create for their well being of their children. A portion of the sales of Xoxo Baby goes to funding the Xoxo Baby food and clothing pantry. We want to make it possible for everyone to give back to the community.

With gratitude close to my heart I pledge to bring my community handcrafted high quality products that are natural, ethically sourced and Non-GMO. I will continue to support and partner with other local business to ensure products with genuine integrity.

Xoxo Baby is committed in building and uplifting families to spread love one happy healthy baby at a time.



“Xochitl is a day for creating beauty and truth, especially that which speaks to the heart who knows it will one day cease to beat. Xochitl reminds us that life, like the flower, is beautiful but quickly fades. It is a good day for reflection, companionship and poignancy."